Trailblazers In The Japanese Sunglasses Market

Japanese sunglasses are known for their attention to detail, quality, and innovative designs, making them a popular choice among fashion-conscious consumers.

Some of the popular Japanese sunglasses brands include:

  • Masunaga: A luxury eyewear brand that produces handcrafted sunglasses using premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Masunaga sunglasses are known for their timeless designs and exceptional quality.

  • Native Sons: A contemporary eyewear brand that combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern design. Native Sons sunglasses are bold and unique, with a focus on detail and quality.

  • Eyevan 7285: A brand that specializes in retro-inspired sunglasses with a modern twist. Eyevan 7285 sunglasses are made using high-quality materials and feature unique shapes and colors.

  • Goro’s: Goro’s sunglasses are handmade using traditional techniques and feature unique designs inspired by nature and Japanese culture.

  • Nishikawa: A brand that produces high-quality sunglasses designed for outdoor activities. Nishikawa sunglasses are made using advanced materials and technologies to provide optimal protection and performance.

These are just a few examples of the many Japanese sunglasses brands available on the market. Other brands taking over the market such as have made an impact because of the quality and style that they offer.

Fun fact

Here’s a fun fact about Japanese sunglasses: Many of them feature polarized lenses that are specifically designed to reduce glare from the reflection of the sun from water or other flat surfaces.

This is because Japan has a strong fishing culture, and many Japanese people enjoy fishing as a hobby or sport. Polarized lenses are particularly useful for fishing because they make it easier to see through the surface of the water and spot fish or other objects underwater.

In addition to their practical benefits, polarized lenses have also become a popular fashion statement in Japan. Many Japanese sunglasses brands offer a variety of polarized lenses in different colors and shades to suit different styles and preferences.