Finding Student Housing Copenhagen

It can be a jungle to find a student housing in Copenhagen but it is doable. Here is a student accommodation located on Noerrebro in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has increased in popularity in recent years. Known for its cool and relaxed atmosphere as well as its prominent universities, Copenhagen calls to the hearts of many different types of students. One thing Copenhagen is also notorioisly known for, is how difficult it actually is to find student housing. There are options, and with the right guiding you can find your student housing Copenhagen –style.

The Student Housing Copenhagen has to offer

So, you have decided to study in Copenhagen? Great! Copenhagen has some top-level educations and the environment amoung students is famous for a lot of student socialising – and of course, hygge. When it comes to finding accommodations however, there is much to know and understand. There are a variety of options, though, so let us take a look at what kind of student housing Copenhagen has to offer:
Dorms: Yes, there are many dorms in Copenhagen but they are not the same as you might know them from other countries’ University Dorms, where the university is obligated to find housing for you. You will have to apply yourself, and many of the dorms have waitinglists, since many of them are centuries old. So by all means, sign up and apply, but don’t give up the fight here. Luckily there are other options, such as…

Student apartments: More and more private investors have build student apartment complexes in recent years. All with almost luxurious facilities such as gym, game-rooms and study halls, all within the apartment complex itself! Living in your own student apartment with other students – either in the same shared apartment or close by in the same building, is becoming a popular thing, as it gives the students an opportunity to be social and also retreat into their own private quarters.

The different kinds of Student Housing Copenhagen excels at

Youth Housing: When it comes to student housing Copenhagen area-wise, there are luckily many options, including so-called Youth Housing, which is in many regards close the concept of student apartments but to live here, you don’t need to be a student. If you are a young professional or participating in an internship, you can apply to live in one of the youth housing facilities as well as students. The buildings will often consist of studio apartments where students and young people live in their own studio with private bath and kitchen facilities, and share communal kitchens, gardens, roof top terrasses, laundry rooms and living- and dining rooms.